Stella Artois

Stella Artois, Belgian lager icon, is now available in Switzerland. Born from a rich brewing tradition dating back to 1366 in Den Hoorn brewery (Leuven), Stella Artois is the 4th most preferred beer in the world. Stella Artois is a beer of choice for those who appreciate its sophisticated character and well-balanced flavor profile. Stella Artois is better served in the unique Chalice according to the 9-Step Pouring Ritual to guarantee a perfect experience of this gold standard lager. Stella Artois is available at your closest Coop, Denner or Spar supermarket and national specialized wholesalers.


From Belgium With Love

At Stella Artois, we are extremely proud of our Belgian roots. Our story can be seen on every bottle of Stella Artois. If you look closely, hints of our origins are proudly displayed.

the ritual

9 steps for a perfect pouring

Stella Artois is the result of hundreds of years of brewing expertise so it’s worth just a few extra steps to ensure the best possible tasting experience for connoisseurs such as you. Before being poured, we always recommend it has been chilled to between 3-5°C and of course you should savour Stella Artois in its unique Chalice, the curves of which are designed to enhance the tempting taste and aroma. Take a sip.